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Originally uploaded by youmenow1 on 22nd May 2011 09:09 am

A map where u can destroy buildings and break paths that people cross.

From the Kickass ttt server (IP: Special thanks to the Kickass community for their support!!!:D
*Added destructible building.
*Added Nyan Cat to the radio.
*Made the platforiming area easier.

*Fixed some unrotated textures.
*slightly better ladders
*Removed some explosive barrels.
*made some lighting sharper.
*made the base of the map fit with the skybox.
*removed a spawn point that spawned you off the edge of a building.
*tiny bit more visleafs

*Laggy when destroying the building
Future plans:
*Killer axe
*Epic button
*Crane that sweeps players of a building
*Super secret portal to secret room full of trap triggers
*Secret portal to skybox
*An arena building where you can kill others and it isn't considered rdm, its explained here:

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  • ttt_rooftops_a2.bsp
  • readme.txt