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Originally uploaded by Charles_G on 24th October 2008 21:51 pm

Facepunch Thread:
Changes from beta1 to version1:
-Removed exploitable area.
-Expanded outdoor area.
-Lightning redone to be more accurate over a larger area. Venturing out into the wilderness will most likely get you killed. Should ignore team3 players (zombies) unless they just happen to be nearby when it randomly strikes.
-Moved the zombie spawns farther back.
-Expanded basement.
-Added another entrance into the basement (underground).
-Renovated barn/garage, especially the slide-up doors.
-Removed the side garage entrance.
-Added another attic entrance.
-Made small windows easier to go through.
-Reinforced ground floor barricades, apparently you jump a stitch higher from the last update being able to reach the ground floor windows.
-Added some various details and props.
-Added some melee weapon pickups.
-Added some ammo crates (SMG, Shotgun outside / crossbow inside) Imposed 20 sec delay after each use.
-Sprinkled some NPC's in.
-Hp charger breaks after 5 uses, shower can heal ~20hp with a 4min cool down.
-Tweaked lighting/reflections.
-Tweaked hint brushes. (Area portal windows were more expensive then useful)
-Tweaked prop visibility distances.
-Compiled with the Ep2 engine.
-Packed Ep2 content but not CS:S content due to size.
-Included a map icon.

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  • maps/
    • zs_stormier_v1.bsp
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • zs_stormier_v1.vmt
      • zs_stormier_v1.vtf