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M1A1 Main Battle Tank

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Originally uploaded by Generic Default on 15th December 2009 23:19 pm

This isn't actually new, I made it sometime around the end of August I think. Anyway it's my latest and only battle tank that looks good and performs better.
The M1A1/M1A2 is currently America's battle tank. It's in use in the middle east, hence the desert camouflage.
My GMod version is a replica; it's about 1:1 scale with the real thing and looks pretty nice, at least for Gmod. I could have made it more detailed but I wanted to keep it low-lag. It has nice looking fake treads and a total of 7 moving props, compared to most other tanks with 20+ moving props.
Performance is what this thing is built for. It moves at a decent speed and can accurately shoot at the same time, like the real one. Activate the turret by pressing F and moving the mouse. Press space for the gun camera, then scroll to zoom in and out. I bet you can figure out how to fire....
M256 120mm Anti Tank Cannon(GDC)
Coaxial M240 .30 caliber machine gun(GDC)
-I also have an attachable .50 caliber MG for a cupola gunner, but I won't include it in this download.
Low lag
Accurate gyro stabilized gun
Limited gun rotation rate
The real thing has a crew of 4, but I figure a keyboard can replace 3 people; the only seat controls driving and gunning. The seat is located at the back of the right hole on top. It might be a little hard to find at first but look at the picture and get used to it!
Have fun, don't claim it as your own, and go splode' some people!
By the way you need GDC, Wire, and PHX3 to make this thing work!

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    • info.txt