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Originally uploaded by FirePaw on 14th April 2010 09:32 am
EDIT 7/6/10:
Yay! Skylife is now my most downloaded map. Thanks guys, hope you've enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!! :3

EDIT 30/4/10:
Hurrah, 10000 downloads! Enjoy guys :D
And also, a video by Klarggyjk!

EDIT 24/4/10:
Wewt, front page! :D

EDIT 17/4/10:
This map requires EPISODE TWO to work properly!

EDIT 16/4/10:
Hey guys, glad you like the map! Just so you know, if I see a server on it with low amounts of lag (I live in the UK) I'll come and chill out with you guys!
Another thing. Please don't edit this without my permission!
Don't worry about that outburst.
This map was an old project of mine a long time ago, when my maps were not very good when it came to quality. I revisted it with a friend, and he said he liked the idea, so I expanded on it. The original island has gone, and now it is more based off the islands in the sky on Unreal.
This map includes
7 main islands & 2 smaller ones
2 spawn islands
A Nali chapel based off the one in Harobed Village
A custom skybox :3:
A forest island, with a cave!
An awful lot of Taridium!
Three secrets!
A portal system between 4 of the islands (I added one extra button on the left hand side, sorry guys)
Two custom particle effects
Thanks to:
EPIC Games & Digital Extremes - Nali statue from Unreal!
FirePaw - Mapping, texture creation, testing!
Perpetual - Mapping, testing!
Erosion84 - Ripping Unreal models, testing!

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