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WARNING: This was my very first map, so it's buggy, ugly, and quite nearly impossible to win. Play at your own risk.

This is a map I made several years ago just for kicks. It has a number of kitchen-themed traps, including a giant rolling pin that will crush you, a blender that will eviscerate you, a bread box in which you will be "eaten", an oven that will cook you, and many others.

As stated in the warning, this map isn't deathrun material. Instead, it should be used as a map for goofing off. If played in sandbox mode, god mode is highly recommended, as there are kill triggers in a lot of inconvenient places.

Finally, I apologize for the horrific fullbright. I had no concept of lighting at the time, and when I attempted to add lighting after finishing it (bad idea, I know), no form of lighting would be accepted.

If requested, I can remake this map with better textures, better traps, and (most importantly) better lighting!

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            • deathrun_bigkitchen.bsp

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  • deathrun_bigkitchen.bsp