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Alien Versus Predator Queen

Alien Versus Predator Queen

Originally uploaded by Squiddytreat! on 13th April 2012 03:27 am

-- Alien Versus Predator --
Release: Xenomorph Queen
To Install: Drop the "Alien Queen" folder into
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\
A spawnlist is not included, so to find the model, hold Q and go to browse. Look for "Alien Queen"
You'll find the Queen in models\characters\
Finger posing!
Toe posing!
Bodygrouped Inner Mouth!
SEGA's skeleton! Meaning NO, I will not make this a playermodel, NPC, or whatever the hell someone's gonna ask for.
A legitimate copy of Garry's Mod
Known Bugs:
There are no known bugs at the time of release. If you encounter any, give me a shout!
Thanks to LT_Commander for his work on the textures, and putting them up publicly!
The Queen's inner mouth is on Bodygroup #1.
To pose her smaller arms, use the Toe Poser.
Toe 0 (the farthest left) will move her feet and toes, while Toe 1 (the next one over) will move her small arms.
Facepunch Thread:
All credit goes to SEGA for making such quality models!
If you decide to edit, hex, or reskin this model, make sure to add SEGA in your credits!
If you find any crippling bugs (missing textures, explosive face posing, broken limbs, etc), send me
a message on Facepunch or post in this file's thread.

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  • ReadMe-Queen!.txt
  • Alien Queen/
    • info.txt
    • materials/
      • models/
        • characters/
          • Queen/
            • hag_body_colour.vtf
            • hag_body_normal.vtf
            • hag_crown_colour.vtf
            • hag_crown_normal.vtf
            • hag_face_colour.vtf
            • hag_face_normal.vtf
            • hag_limb_colour.vtf
            • hag_limb_normal.vtf
            • queen_body.vmt
            • queen_crown.vmt
            • queen_face.vmt
            • queen_limbs.vmt
            • rc_queen_egg_body_col.vmt
            • rc_queen_egg_body_col.vtf
            • rc_queen_egg_body_norm.vtf
            • rc_queen_hive_col.vmt
            • rc_queen_hive_col.vtf
            • rc_queen_hive_norm.vtf
    • models/
      • characters/
        • Alien_Queen.dx80.vtx
        • Alien_Queen.dx90.vtx
        • alien_queen.mdl
        • Alien_Queen.phy
        • Alien_Queen.sw.vtx
        • alien_queen.vvd