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Wheelchair v2

Originally uploaded by Nak on 1st January 2011 21:18 pm

The new WheelChair
I updatet the e2
It can now drive on water and have more speed. DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS!
How to use:
1) Spawn the e2 on a Seat.
2) Spawn an Adv Pod controler
3) Link the Adv Pod controler to the seat
4) Wire "WL" to the Pod controler
5) Enter the seat and start to roll
- WASD to stear
- Space to jump
- Shift 4 more speed
- U can do tricks in the air by holding W or S.
- Land on ur head = die. (Do not count on water)
- R to play/stop music (The music gives even more speed)
- Unable to proppush anyone/anything
- Able to drive over lowprops
It only require:
- Wiremod (E2 and Adv Pod controller)

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