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Originally uploaded by OllieWilliams on 20th July 2009 03:07 am

**UPDATE:** I have finished the further release of RP_Downtown_V4 and it is in the link under this
ADDED: Cave with special surprise. if you have a mac, go to my site that i created
Credits: 0llieWilliams (message me if you have any questions).
and the map expert who helped me create this master piece Curtis Mostat.
HELP: If you dont notice a difference message me on steam at 0llieWilliams and i will send you picture of the map and where to go to get it. I will release the map update when is done in about 4-5 weeks. Message me before then to get un-released version. This is not a broken file. Don't bitch if you can't set it up.
Peace Fackers.
  • README - RP_Downtown_V2.txt
  • RP_Downtown_V2.bsp