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Adv Dupe. TGV

Originally uploaded by DaJamsta123 on 8th December 2011 16:53 pm

This is a working TGV train for GMod (obviously) and has 2 engines (1 at each end), 2 engine coaches, and 1 middle coach. It has one pantograph up and one down (the one down is at the front and vice versa).
I DID NOT make the models only put it together in GMod (the models were made my the fabulous Drumdevil).
Place the 'TGV.txt' file into garrysmod\garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator\
7=Forward extra speed(not toggle).
1=Backward extra speed(not toggle).
This train is VERY faat when using the extra speed so go easy on it :)
Weight Stool:
Drumdevil's Train Pack: (download or use svn).
No-collide World: (I couldnt find the actual tool i used for this but this should work, just aim at the body of the train and fire)
Extra Notes:
All credit for the models goes to Drumdevil and his brilliant work.
There are seats in both ends of the train.
This train has been tested (as with my other trains) on gm_construct_flatgrass_V6
Any comments or requests please comment :)
There are ONLY seats at both ends (driving seats) so don't complain that you can't sit anywhere.
I know this is an Adv Dupe. but when I looked around I couldnt find anything near this so I decided to upload it, please don't harras me for uploading it :)
If you are having trouble with the second pair of bogies then change their weight to 30,000
My other trains:
DaJamsta123(Jmees Macdonna)
NOTE: I am currently working on some trains (from this pack of course) which are to run on drumdevils map. Sorry about the fact that they will no longer work wi

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