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Drivable Batman Tumbler

Originally uploaded by KurokazeNagisa on 25th August 2008 12:41 pm

For this Adv dup you will need:
tiled blocks
XQM (though one version of the vehicle has been modified to remove this - though doesn't look as good)
This Tumbler model is quite maneuverable (it can make i round the GM_mobenix race course easily - it can even beat the ai racers if your good enough) and utilizes realistic steering in the same way the real one does. It even has the 'jump engine' to propel it from rooftop to rooftop.
W - forwards
A - Left
D - Right
S - reverse (slow only - and not very maneuverable, try using the boost for turning)
Shift - speed boost (adds thrust forwards and for turning)
Space - brake (uses weld latches)
Alt - Jumping engine - short bursts only, short ramp/ higher surface required for best effect
I intentionally left several parts controllable by the numpad 1) to cut down on wire
parts and 2) to allow remote control (though only at low speed)
8 - forwards
4 - left
6 - right
5 - reverse
/ - parking brake (toggles vehicle free wheeling when unoccupied)
Tumbler Deluxe additional controls
R - Smoke screen (using advanced thruster - do not use when speed is over 60mph or the animation will stop permanently)
Mouse1 - cannons - with LED indicator (green means target in range - also try to put it between the red ropes on the canopy.
Mouse2 - Twin LRMs
7 - Launch rear facing grenades
9 - Detonate rear facing grenade (even detonated immediately it *shouldn't* damage the tumbler)
Look out for future versions of the vehicle, I'm gonna try and make it more server friendly and more resistant to damage. I'm told the deluxe version is a bit buggy (depending on the map) - the gcombat version seems to be the most stable.
Thanks to everyone who made the packs this vehicle uses and the maps the photos are taken on (you know who you all are).
I'm open to suggestions for future creations, I can be contacted via the facebook gmod
group if you have any suggestions or problems.

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