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Originally uploaded by SCAR (15) on 26th May 2011 00:02 am

My map Scar Island.
Inspired by Island 17, i was playing this map over and over in ttt on gmod and saw problems with it.
The main one being that you could never pass each other on the lighthouse stairs.
I decided to start an island map from scratch.
I think i made a prettier and game flow wise better map.
Some of the features.
- lighthouse stairs where 2 ppl can pass each other going up or down.
- a rope rapel down the back of the lighthouse
- construction elevator for the lighthouse
- traitor trap, push off tower and fall to death
- traitor trap, destroy house and fall to death
- usable prison
The map says made by Seventh but that is my mapper alias.

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  • maps/
    • ttt_scarisland_b1.bsp