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cool pool adv dupe

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Originally uploaded by The Man From th on 6th June 2010 02:40 am

Its a really cool adv dupe.
It has:
A pool (duh!)
a deep end
a slide
a 2 changing rooms
a hot tub
a diving board
a snack bar
some chairs
The pool does have lights under water, there is a door next to the men's changing room, through that door there is button, it turns on all the lights in the pool.
You need:
Wire( you dont really need the most recent it just for the pool lights)
And guys, i really really, dont care if you say this pool sucks because you know what? You know what? This took me around 4 fricken hours! So im not gonna put up with any of the crap you have to say, well unless its a complement.
Really?really? do you really think i stole this?
ok well:
2nd Only 2 people go on the server me and my best friend
3rd Its a private server so no one else but me and friend are on ever on the server
it would have made more sense for you to say i stole it from my friend even though i did not. I put his name in the credits and plus it was my idea. So shut up i did not steal anything.
if you are reading this you are the first in awhile. This thing is the on the last page of the word pool and is the last thing on the stupid list! it took me so long to make this so just download this!

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  • awesome/
    • Condo/
      • data/
        • adv_duplicator/
          • 3 floor apartment_1.txt
    • really cool pool/
      • data/
        • adv_duplicator/
          • really cool pool.txt