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Yay it's part 2 of zombie hideout 1!! Uploaded the next day zombie hideout 1 was released!
The "story" so far: The survivors live in the shelter for days but no help or rescue arrives. Finally one day, a military chopper locates them and tries to get them on board and to safety. However, a poison zombie appears and throws a poison headcrab on to the chopper. The pilot on board is startled and the headcrab "attaches" itself to his head. Thus, the chopper goes out of control and crashes. The survivors manage to kill that particular poison zombie, and help some of the military survivors out of the crashed chopper. They salvage everything they can from the heli and lump it together with the current fort (zombie hideout/fort 1). The helicopter crash also smashed a wall of a building, so extra household items had dropped onto the street. The survivors and soldiers salvage those extras and also lump them together. Now, they got a buffed up fort ready to hold off more zombies...
Great story, huh? lol, this is the adv duplicate of their new fort.
Whats new:
- A few extra items surrounding and fortifying the fort.
- A second story/floor!
- The second floor is ceiling-less, but is also, more or less, as fortified as the ground floor. You can get up to the second floor by climbing up the headcrab box laying in the middle of the phx storms 2 frame (if you dont get what i mean, look at the middle picture and you should see.)
You need Phoenix Storms 2:
Also, if you want the 2nd floor (ceiling) to be empty so that u can build some Uber zombie killing machine on it, check out the original zombie hideout 1 (2nd floor is empty):
And also check out the new, totally even more
Uber, secure and big zombie fort: zombie hideout/fort 2!!!(really, it's HUGE!!! Don't believe me? Click on the link and look at the pictures!!):
1. Enter hideout/fort for reffuge.
2. Stay a

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        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • zombie hideout pt 2 <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • zombie hideout pt 2/
    • zombie hideout 1 pt 2 (shelter hideout).txt