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Originally uploaded by hartstok on 7th May 2012 17:36 pm

In this pack there are the file necessay to change the physics of DOD ragdolls. with this fix files posing the ragdolls will be really easy.
maybe the images do not speak for themselves but you will see the difference when you download and replace these files :D. This is not a fraud or a joke! is a real pack to improve the physics of your ragdolls!
I want to clarify that the skins of the characters in the picture are differents since I got the img with the old physics from a friend. The pack does not change the skins!! if you like the skin you can find here:

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  • read me.txt
  • garrysmod/
    • models/
      • player/
        • american_assault.phy
        • american_mg.phy
        • american_rifleman.phy
        • american_rocket.phy
        • american_sniper.phy
        • american_support.phy
        • german_assault.phy
        • german_mg.phy
        • german_rifleman.phy
        • german_rocket.phy
        • german_sniper.phy
        • german_support.phy