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Meet the Spy Map Replica

Originally uploaded by {Benjamoose} Th on 17th April 2012 21:11 pm

From the video description of my announcement video:
Much more than just 2fort!
A brief list:
• Created the Control Room
• Retextured the "Intruder Alert" sign to have the correct words and made the texture higher quality for clarity.
• Created the Engineer Cave
• Created the Sniper's Den
• Modified the Intel room to be screen accurate which includes:
• removing one of the hallways (hidden)
• making the door way smaller
• lowering the roof in one hallway
• adding spotlights with circle spots on the floor
• adding the additional windowed room
• adding the fire extinguisher
• making the normal window thinner and bringing the wall in that room closer
• adding the correct props (including Rexy's infamous filing cabinets)
• removing the stepped flooring up to the desk
• moving the desk
• changing the lighting in the map
• adding NassimO's animated map
• making the correct stepped up railing at the window
I could go on, there's lots more. I nearly went insane making this map. Simply because as you can see above, there were differences you would never notice while watching the original video. Things such as moving the roof down a bit or moving a window for example. There were tons of niggles like that.
Anywho, you're reading this for the download link, not my hard work.
P.S. both the Intel room door and the Spy's window boards are breakable in the map.
P.P.S. This map is for TF2 replay (or other sources) machinima. You can play on this but there is no gamemode built into the map.
Announcement video:
"Note, I am starting to upload my mods and custom content to Garry' So if you have uploaded my content to this site in the past, Sorry, but there were not for you to upload.
Meet the Medic Map Replica coming soon!
I then plan on making the maps from the other Meet the Team videos.

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  • maps/
    • set_meetthespy.bsp