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Originally uploaded by jimonions on 23rd July 2011 08:40 am

v2 changes
.made a way to get out of the hole
.fixed a problem with the fog not resetting on a new round
Gunkanjima means Battleship Island in Japanese
It is an abandoned mining town located on an island west of Japan.
On the island are many vast empty structures of old apartments in the stages of dilapidation.
This is a map for the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town and can support around 16 players. The map is planned out in a rough double figure eight so it shouldn't be too hard to get around and hide safely.
There is a hole which you are unable to get out of (but wont kill you! i.e. no trigger hurts) so just be careful not to fall in.
There are also no traitor rooms but plenty of weapons and ammo provided.
Some things Ive implemented in this map is the use of particle effects to maximize the look and feel.
there is an instructions.txt in this .zip to help you install them properly and enjoy the full potential of this map.
- rotating weather (every 5 min it will change from raining to sunny
to provide a bit of a twist and extra cover for sneaking.
There may be problems with some pcs with the rain. When the rain starts there will be lag for about 3 seconds which should go away.
to start the rain (single player or admin) type
|ent_fire weather_timer firetimer| in console
to disable rain type
|ent_fire weather_timer disable| in console
This map is fully noded with both air and ground nodes. have fun npc enthusiasts.
-whoever made these nice tree models
-play testers
Join randoms' ttt server here to try this map :
Thanks and have fun, I can be reached at
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  • maps/
    • ttt_gunkanjima_v2.bsp
  • materials/
    • jimonions/
      • sprites/
        • cherry_blossom_petal.vmt
        • cherry_blossom_petal.vtf
        • leaves.vmt
        • leaves.vtf
    • maps/
      • ttt_gunkanjima_v2.vmt
      • ttt_gunkanjima_v2.vtf
  • particles/
    • jimonions.pcf
    • particles_manifest.txt
  • particle instructions.txt