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== Gunnanmon's Advanced Missile Expression ==
By utilizing target velocity, I've created an
advanced guided missile which predicts straight
line target trajectories in real time,
effectively cutting all corners where possible.
By also calculating the inertia of the missile
itself, interception accuracy, and reaction time
have been greatly enhanced while also eliminating
target orbit.
Basically, instead of the missile heading for its
target, it will fly ahead of it in a straight
line, so as to collide with it; this is called
'lead collision'.
The contraption itself is a simple missile I
threw together to demonstrate what the expression
is capable of; the missile is fully functional
however, and extremely hard to avoid.
How to Install:
If you would like to use the expression on your
own missile, all that's needed is a vector
thruster and a target finder. Ensure that the
vector thruster is above the center point of the
You are welcome to use and modify my expression,
but please give credit where due.

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            • Data <-- Addon folder!
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              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • Data/
    • Adv_Duplicator/
      • GM - Advanced Missile System.txt