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In memorial of the Chernobyl disaster and a great game series called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Continuing the story:
- Half-life 2
- Half-life 2: Lost Coast
- Counter Strike Source
- gm_nuclear_winter_2 (for the models and textures!!)
Then at last I present,
After the thrills in the tunnels, the wait on a waste land, the few who where
still alive made it to their final destination.
The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
The absolute mother of all nuclear winters.
- The Chernobyl NPP! inclusive with underground tunnels originally
from stalker, rebuild by my hand
- 60% grid filling map with new areas to discover.
- Pushing the source limits definitely this time..
- AI noded road networks.
- Custom soundscapes, models and textures
- A new small underground adventure.
- Getting interested?, see it for yourself!
Credits on all models and textures go to their respective owners.
I used a few models from the map de_energo, still those models belong to
their creators and not the map.
I am aware of some weird colored shadows, if you have any suggestions on how to fix it
please do tell. Google did not have the answer :(.
This is the last map of the nuclear winter series. You might
see some future maps from me later.
Its sadning that I could not make my map bigger because the source engine starts to fail.
I got the engine hunk overflows, weird lightning and lastly you will notice those awkward
colored shadows in some spaces.
But on the bright side, you can now experience the NPP in source! Multipurpose map again, noded and
build with all kinds of sneaky routes. You can use it for role-play or maybe warmelons whatever :P!
All that ma

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