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Replica Colormod Presets V2

Originally uploaded by Jetleo1 on 12th August 2012 20:16 pm

WHAT'S NEW: 4 new colormods, 3 Motion Blurs, and a Bloom.
TOTAL: 9 colormods, 3 Motion Blurs, 1 Bloom.
I thought that Replica Colormods did pretty successfully, and I also was bored (again), so I added to it. This time there's 9 colormod presets for you to use, again based on other things.
Original Presets Demo:
New Additions Demo:
Original Presets:
-AAA Title - Based on BF3/CoD4/Skyrim/Whatever's styles, for when you want to feel like you're in a game that cost $50 more than you paid and with a fraction of the content you got.
-CS:S Weapon Demonstrator - Based on Zira's Color Correction style, a hazy dreamland to stare at the sun and shoot guns in.
-Color Correction Overdose - Based on your average dubstep sniping CoD montage, take a little acid trip while you do a bunch of preplanned cool looking actions.
-Enhanced Colors - An attempt to copy RetroText's BF3 lighting resulted in a rather nice preset that brings out the colors of the world, but not so much as to be annoying.
-Gears of War - Based on, well, Gears, for when you feel the need for gritty action sequences in a dark and dirty world.
New Presets:
-Blacklight - Tango Down or Retribution, either way the Blacklight universe's dark technological future can now be yours to commit Gmoddery in. NetWar on.
-MW3 - Yeah, you know this one, it's everywhere.
-Mass Effect - Shiny space age effects with that nearly trademark blue hue of Commander Shepard's universe. Go kill some Reapers or shout at idiot politicians like a hero.
-Resident Evil 5 - Bright and dull-colored, with a slight bright haze, just like how RE5 represented its African setting. A little Daylight Horror feel for your Majini killing use.
-Blur 1 (Low) - A minor Motion Blur setting for if you want some blur but not a crazy amount.
-Blur 2 (Moderate) - More blur than low, but still not too crazy.
-Blur 3 (Sanity Mete

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  • settings/
    • presets/
      • bloom/
        • mass effect.txt
      • colormod/
        • aaa title.txt
        • blacklight.txt
        • color correction overdose.txt
        • cs_s weapon demonstrator.txt
        • enhanced colors.txt
        • gears of war.txt
        • mass effect.txt
        • mw3.txt
        • re5.txt
      • motionblur/
        • blur 1 (low).txt
        • blur 2 (moderate).txt
        • blur 3 (sanity meter 0_).txt