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This is the Fisherman from HL2 Lost Coast because he does not have a ragdoll but has a NPC form (npc_fisherman) since he is not killable you can now use him as a ragdoll because me and my friend called Anders were messing with his model and added kliener.phys to him so he could be ragdolled and it worked like a charm.
This will replace the old Fisherman effect and it comes with a little but neat spawnlist so you can spawn him anytime.
To spawn him as a NPC go into console and type
Npc_create npc_fisherman
and he should appear right infront of you and when you kill him he should turn into a ragdoll and then you can mess around with the ragdoll if you have keep_corpses on.
Credits :
Valve - For creating the original Fisherman model and forgetting to add a ragdoll to him.
Me - For uploading the ragdoll to and making the model Face,Eye and Fingerposable.
Anders - For ragdolling the Fisherman.

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • fisherman_ragdoll <-- Make this folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • materials/
    • lostcoast/
      • fisherman/
        • eyeball_l.vmt
        • eyeball_l.vtf
        • eyeball_r.vmt
        • eyeball_r.vtf
        • fisherman_head.vmt
        • fisherman_head.vtf
        • fisherman_head_normal.vtf
        • fisherman_lower_body.vmt
        • fisherman_lower_body.vtf
        • fisherman_lower_body_normal.vtf
        • fisherman_upper_body.vmt
        • fisherman_upper_body.vtf
        • fisherman_upper_body_normal.vtf
        • glint.vmt
        • glint.vtf
        • harpoon_sheet.vmt
        • harpoon_sheet.vtf
        • keys_sheet.vmt
        • keys_sheet.vtf
        • mouth.vmt
        • mouth.vtf
        • pupil_l.vmt
        • pupil_l.vtf
        • pupil_r.vmt
        • pupil_r.vtf
        • teeth.vmt
        • teeth.vtf
  • models/
    • lostcoast/
      • fisherman/
        • fisherman.dx90.vtx
        • fisherman.mdl
        • fisherman.phy
        • fisherman.vvd
        • Fisherman_animations.ani
        • Fisherman_animations.mdl
        • fisherman_gestures.ani
        • fisherman_gestures.mdl
        • Fisherman_postures.ani
        • Fisherman_postures.mdl
        • Harpoon.dx90.vtx
        • Harpoon.mdl
        • Harpoon.phy
        • Harpoon.vvd
        • Keys.dx90.vtx
        • Keys.mdl
        • Keys.vvd
  • settings/
    • spawnlist/
      • fisherman.txt
  • Read Me!.txt