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*PHx 2 or 3
*military models
This is a pack my and a freind made i made the carrier and he made the f16, controls are simple(shown below.
f16(highly manuverable
pitch up:2
pitch down:8
roll left:4
roll right:6
taxi speed:5(toggle)
taxi reverse:*(toggle)
machinegun(vulcan m61):.
forward thrust:+(toggle)
reverse thrust:-(toggle)
YAW left:1
YAW right:3
carrier(very slow(cruis speed 12-13 mph, top speed 27-30 mph))
boost(top speed):8(toggle)
(cannon controls next to control tower)
The carrier includes two boaat launches in the lower haul,1 small runway,1 vtol pad(helipad),control tower,and 3 cannons(we have a bug where you cant move it luckily it already points straight forward.on the cannon control station their is a speedometer, the highest speed i got was 27 mph try to get to that magicle thrity, you will need a long body of water.
The f16 is highly agile and includes a Vulcan m61, its is able to takeoff on the carrier(It just barely fits in the hangar).

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