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Special Effects v1.5

Originally uploaded by Draco_2k on 29th December 2008 22:02 pm

A collection of various special effect STools. Fire, sparks, smoke, steam, electric arcs, light glow, starfield effect, and energy balls. Everything you need to make your life happy.
Feedback thread:
Fire STool:
-Spawnable fire.
-Adjustable size and duration.
-Toggleable smoke, sound, dynamic lighting.
-Can be ignited from numpad.
-Might be hot.
Glow STool:
-Places glow effects.
-Adjustable colour, horizontal and vertical size.
-Wacky distance controls for maximum incomprehensibility.
-Can be set to glow on surface of objects as well as shine through them.
Spark STool:
-Creates spark emitters.
-Randomised adjustable sparking delay.
-Adjustable magnitude, spark trail length.
-Toggleable dynamic lighting and sound.
-Numpad controls.
Energy ball STool:
-I have no idea what that is.
-Adjustable size, charging options.
-Toggleable particle effects, sound.
-Numpad controls.
Steam STool:
-Projects a jet of steam.
-Shitloads of options.
-It's just a jet of steam for fuck's sake.
-Numpad controls.
Starfield STool:
-Does stuff, I guess.
-Should probably be a post-processing effect.
Smoke STool:
-Puffs out smoke.
-Fuckton of adjustable settings.
-Spy's best friend.
-Numpad controls.
Tesla STool:
-Shoots out electric arcs at intervals.
-Adjustable discharge radius and interval, arc count, thickness and lifetime.
-Toggleable sound.
-Numpad controls.
Extract to /addons
  • sfx/
    • info.txt
    • lua/
      • autorun/
        • server/
          • EffectRemoveHook.lua
      • weapons/
        • gmod_tool/
          • stools/
            • energyball.lua
            • fire.lua
            • glow.lua
            • smoke.lua
            • smoke_trail.lua
            • sparks.lua
            • starfield.lua
            • steam.lua
            • tesla.lua
    • settings/
      • presets/
        • glow/
          • close-up bloom.txt
          • distant glow.txt
          • gmod lamp.txt
          • mild outline.txt
        • smoke/
          • cigarette.txt
          • dark cloud.txt
          • smoke cloud.txt
          • smokestack.txt
        • smoke_trail/
          • rocket exhaust.txt
        • sparks/
          • cartoon.txt
          • weld.txt
        • steam/
          • dust kick-up.txt
          • vapour jet (big).txt
          • vapour jet (medium).txt
          • vapour jet (small).txt
        • tesla/
          • disco.txt
          • local spark.txt