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Originally uploaded by Mermit on 11th August 2011 04:29 am

OK, first off 99% percent of this credit goes to Everson, the original creator of this map. He kept updating it but never released the versions except a Beta and a B1 version. And because no one else has uploaded this map yet, this is B3. The only difference between this and B1 that I know of are the islands being a lot better, underwater base as well as there being a skybox on it.
The only things I've done to this map is change up the fog and skybox on this map, and of course upload it. If you wish to make a version without the changes you can download the .vmf if you can find his file.
Now about the map, this is a large and probably my favorite map on GMod. It features a spawn point on which you can choose to go to the island, red harbor, or blue harbor. The harbors have several structures including two stores, two rooms, a hotel, a lighthouse, and three hangers. They also have docks you can build at, and a beach for amphibious vehicles. The island features an awesome, large cave with several small docks for smaller vessels, unless you wish to beach the ship. There are also two areas which you cannot spawn at. There is a decently sized oilrig with a helipad ontop and platforms on bottoms for coming aboard it. It has a medium sized building on it. Lastly, there is an underwater base which appears to be a pyramid like shape. However, it is very dark.
The guy said he's making a new version apparently on Facepunch, and that if anyone wishes to complete this one they can. I did not decompile this map.

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        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • Harbor2Ocean_NavalB3.bsp

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  • Harbor2Ocean_NavalB3.bsp