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Metallica PhysGun Skin

Originally uploaded by MrOpti on 2nd July 2010 04:05 am

I am re-uploading it because my last profile got banned for some ungodly reason. If you think I am NOT the original author of this skin, fine.
This skin includes:
Custom Sprites.
Custom Texturing.
View Model.
No World Model.
Custom Animations.
Not that anyone is going to download this, but it is worth a shot. This skin IS created by me and ONLY me. No other author or up-loader is the real author of this skin. Any other name or whereabouts of this skin are strictly false. Please do NOT re-upload to any other website. Thank you.
Gimme' Fuel, Gimme' Fire!
I will FIND OUT! If you do, please NOTIFY me.
Thanks for downloading :]
In this Zip file you will find One folder and this read me file.
The folder is named MATERIALS.
Just select the folder and extract it to:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\(USERNAME)\garrysmod\garrysmod
It WILL ask you to overwrite existing folders, click YES. This will NOT
delete any of your previous files, but just mesh the two folders together.
If you want to do it a more advanced way just browse the files and then
put them in the correct place.
If you do not know how to do EITHER of that
watch my youtube tutorials.
If you would like a CUSTOM skin for your own PERSONAL use, shoot me an email
Thanks guys.
If you do not know how to get to your
directory, go to "Start" and then "Search"
and type in "Steam". Once in STEAM, locate Steamapps, Username, GarrysMod,
GarrysMod, Materials. Bammo. It (may)will ask you if you would like to replace
things, click yes. Thanks :]

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  • Read Me.txt
  • garrysmod/
    • materials/
      • models/
        • weapons/
          • V_physcannon/
            • v_physcannon_mask.vtf
            • v_physcannon_sheet.vmt
            • v_physcannon_sheet.vtf
            • v_superphyscannon_sheet.vmt
            • v_superphyscannon_sheet.vtf
      • sprites/
        • bh-glow.vmt
        • bh-smoothglow.vmt
        • glow04_noz.vmt
        • glow1.vtf
        • glow2.vtf
        • gmdm_pickups/
          • light.vmt
        • grip.vmt
        • grip.vtf
        • key_0.vmt
        • key_0.vtf
        • key_1.vmt
        • key_1.vtf
        • key_10.vmt
        • key_10.vtf
        • key_11.vmt
        • key_11.vtf
        • key_12.vmt
        • key_12.vtf
        • key_13.vmt
        • key_13.vtf
        • key_14.vmt
        • key_14.vtf
        • key_15.vmt
        • key_15.vtf
        • key_2.vmt
        • key_2.vtf
        • key_3.vmt
        • key_3.vtf
        • key_4.vmt
        • key_4.vtf
        • key_5.vmt
        • key_5.vtf
        • key_6.vmt
        • key_6.vtf
        • key_7.vmt
        • key_7.vtf
        • key_8.vmt
        • key_8.vtf
        • key_9.vmt
        • key_9.vtf
        • laserbeam.vtf
        • light_ignorez.vmt
        • muzzleflash4.vmt
        • orangecore1.vmt
        • orangecore2.vmt
        • orangeflare1.vmt
        • orangelight1.vmt
        • orangelight1_noz.vmt
        • physbeam.vmt
        • physbeam.vtf
        • physbeama.vmt
        • physgbeamb.vmt
        • physg_glow1.vmt
        • physg_glow2.vmt
        • redglow1.vmt
        • strider_bluebeam.vtf
        • wh-glow.vmt
        • wh-scorch.vtf
        • wh-smoothglow.vmt