GM_HolyGarden_Cataclysm by Reverend Jesse V92

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Nikolai: If you could contact me so I can properly credit you, please do.
Users: The download for this and the other version are packaged into the same upload to save your time.

Originally uploaded by Nikolaj (3) on 25th December 2010 21:02 pm

This is an EXPANSION* for the map "HolyGarden"
Im gonna make some more expansions, like Winter and Nature and so on.
  • More space!
  • Post-Apocalyptic atmosphere
  • ...Pure awesomeness?

Inspired by:
  • gm_floatingworlds
  • gm_skylife
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (im not a wow fan.)

Original Map:
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              • lua
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              • models
              • etc

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