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**Cats NPC Controll Expression 2**
I was interested in the new NPC control commands for Expression 2, so I made this. It is a wiremod controlled hunter (Hunter not included). Thanks to the "Who shot you" chip I made, when you get shot the hunter will attack the shooter. If you shoot someone, the hunter will attack who you shot. Finally you can just type attack (Name) and it will attack them.
To use:
Spawn the dupe.
Spawn a hunter.
Type "come"
Use the four commands
"attack" (This one uses findByName() so it can be tricky to use, It is also case sensitive.
"stop" (To stop the attack)
*If you are good in wire you should know how to change the NPC, but I will give a basic example*
Take out the expression 2 tool
right click on the NPC control chip
replace findByClass("NPC_hunter") with any other npc.
*Thanks to Bobsymalone for the NPC reference*
If something is not working come tell me @

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