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Originally uploaded by Aragderp on 6th August 2010 22:35 pm

I already made a V2, (biggest change is that I added nodes, and it's not a kill Breen mission anymore, it's now a kill the traitor mission)
This is my third mission. It's not a save game, but a map with prespawned enemies, so you can play this multiplayer with friends, which is one of the reasons I make these.
The mission takes place in a combine base with a 7-floor training building where the combine are trained to fight under different circumstances.
This is the storyline (which makes no sense but that doesn't really matter): The combine have captured a rebell driving a jeep, and now they keep the jeep securely in their base. The GPS contains the location of the secret resistance base and it's your job to retrieve it before the combine crack the GPS and find the base.
Breen has come to the combine base to see the jeep for himself, but when you arrive he flees to the top floor of the training building, with the only controller of the hangar doors. And the jeep is in one of them.
So you have no choice but to complete the entire training level to get to the controller.
When you spawn you have to blast the first door open, then go to the black building and unlock the training building gate. Then you have to make your way through 7 levels with different challenges (for exemple a maze, a big pool) and find the buttons on each floor to unlock the door to the next.
Once you get to the top level and kill Breen, you will be able to open the hangars and take the jeep back with you.
These are my other 2 missions, but you probably shouldn't download the castle mission, because it's very heavy, laggy and might crash your game while playing.
other one:
That's it, I hope you enjoy playing my mission.

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            • gm_combinebasemission.bsp

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  • gm_combinebasemission.bsp