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(Scary) Death of the Dream

Originally uploaded by Emnu on 2nd September 2012 17:10 pm

My Mappack is out, it has this and much more:
Death of the Dream
You and your friends wake in a mysterious apartment, try to escape!
Count your deaths, all the cool kids post them to the comments section/somewhere. More deaths the shittier you did.
Note: This is a short map, kind of like Scary Gmod Coop. Still playable and fun!
Note: File size is large because of custom content
Mapping - Hannu Korvala (Emnu)
Writing textures - Hannu Korvala (Emnu)
Custom texture packs:
---Original Texture Authors:
----Caleb Kimbrough
----Sherrie Thai
----Tracy Collins
----Cassie Tobin
Read for best expirience.txt
Recommended players: 2-3 (4 is too much) UNPLAYABLE ALONE
Recommended settings under Sandbox settings:
Start with Weapons - Check
No Damage - No Check
Limited Physgun - No Check
No Player vs Player Damage - No Check
Allow Noclip - No Chekc
Death of the Dream 2:
Death of the Dream 3:
  • Crap you dont care about.txt
  • death_of_the_dream.bsp
  • Read for best expirience.txt
  • screenshots/
    • main.jpg
    • screenshot (1).jpg
    • screenshot (2).jpg