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This is DA FONT that Valve uses for all its Class Updates' webpages and the class's name in the title card of every Meet the Team video.
I apologize to Adobe for this copyright violation but this font costs $26 USD online. I mean, who would pay for such a thing other than professional designers? However, since the use of BlackOak by Valve in their web pages, and the fact that they cannot add it in-game due to copyright laws, this font has been much sought after.
I decided to upload this on Gmod so everyone can use it for their own personal TF2 designs. Even though BlackOak was originally from drawings of a wood typeface in the Smithsonian Institute, it really fits into the cartoony 60s world of TF2.
The font that Valve displays is modified and 17% narrower than this font. To use it, take a screenshot of your text and resize it (or simply transform the text).
Note: The font that Valve uses to write the "Meet THE" text in every Meet the Team video title card is Compacta SH-Black though I didn't buy it and I couldn't find a torrented copy. Anyway we can always copy an image from the Meet The Team vids.

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