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Originally uploaded by quantumoftoaste on 18th August 2010 00:44 am

Have you ever wanted a small map, good for machinima, roleplay, or zombie survival? Well, here's gm_abandoned_defense! It's pretty small but heavily detailed!
-Combine barricades, keeps players in the map area
-Two small stores that have been heavily ransacked
-Building with three entrances, perfect for hiding
-Nice background location with factories, smokestack, crane, storage area, trains, and more
-Lots of randomly burning cars for the heck of it
-Generators powering lights!
-Fully NPC noded! Zombies will chase you everywhere!
Is it optimized?
Mostly. Nodraw on lots of surfaces, although some don't have it. I started optimizing halfway through the build.
Is it large?
No. It's rather small, but heavily detailed.
Is it awesome?
-Combine barricade next to the shipping crate area is a bit wider than the actual shield, I'm too lazy to fix it
-Maybe I'll remove the barricades in the next update, because it's kinda unrealistic?
-NPCs can't follow you through the area you have to crouch in.
Send me feedback at
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, or comment below.
And yes, I'll make this into a zombie survival map soon enough.

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  • maps/
    • gm_abandoned_defense.bsp
    • gm_abandoned_defense.res
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • gm_abandoned_defense.vmt
      • gm_abandoned_defense.vtf
    • VGUI/
      • maps/
        • menu_thumb_gm_abandoned_defense.vmt
        • menu_thumb_gm_abandoned_defense.vtf