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Flying Bomber Mark II

Originally uploaded by Tha jojo on 12th December 2006 16:29 pm

Flying Bomber Mark II
New and Improved version
* Stearable
* adjustable Height
* Captain's Chair with closing door
* elevator for picking up people without landing
* Huge Bombing Bay, can hold up to 15 explosive barrels, or 5 persons
* Explosive Proof (no breaking monitors)
* Turbo drive (extra powerfull thruster for getting somewhere extra quick)
* Balcony/lobby, to exit the contraption or have a great (sniper) view
* 2 completely useless NPC's (just delete them)
* 1 Completely useless Raggdol (breen)
* bombingbay release button in the bombingbay itself
4 and 6 Turning
8 and 2 accellerate, brake (reverse)
1 and 3 strafing left and right
+ and - up and down
7 and 9 elevator up and down
5 pilot door open/closing
0 Bombbay open/closing
/ Turbo drive
it does require the awsome:
"Phoenix Pack v3!.zip" (
if you exit the captainspod with the door stil closed, your being sent to the balcony
if the entering of the elevatorpod doesnt work, you have to adjust the height of the pod (entering needs some space)
when opening the bombbay you may have to shake the bomber to get all the barrels out.
Hope you enjoy it.
Made By JoJo

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