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The Worlds Smallest Gunshop

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Originally uploaded by Mr. Scruff on 17th February 2011 18:47 pm

I made this using my Auto-Gunshop chip that allows you to make gunshops with all the money stored in one place.
Read whats in the picture for a full list of whats what, Remember those stats are relative to a stand alone shipment.
##-More Info-##
It is set to dispense a Mac 10 (Or whatever you put into it) for the price of $250 or more. But with some E2 knowladge you can change that.
##-Fun Stuff-##
If you put over $9000 into it it will display the appropriate 'animation' on the screen.
It is pretty hack proof but Im not making any promises.
(I admit, I could make it smaller, but then I would be compromising on security and it would look pretty bad)

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      • THE worlds smallest gunshop v10 - Slimline.txt