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This map is leaked and not optimized! Using this map may drop your fps.
The first Version of Viruslabs.
Some Stuff has changed, read the changelog ;D
While testing this map i saw that there are only a few people who have Episode one cuz of that im Planning V2 using Counter-Strike: Source and adding a whole new area!
IMPORTANT: You need Episode 1 and Counter-Strike: Source to see some models, textures and hear some sounds!
Change Log:
Final Stage Version 1:
- (Added) Dustmotes
- (Added) Dustclouds
- (Added) A Background Alarm system with randomly chosing 5 sounds (Episode One needed!!!)
- (Added) Some kind of wall climb spot in the big Lab room with the Generator seen in Kleiners lab in Half-Life 2
- (Fixed) The door of the office now opens in both directions!
- (Added) Workbench now moved inside the Office! Don't think Zombies dont have a chance if humans use it for cade!
Intelligent and skilled zombies will know how to break it!
- (Added) THE RADIOACTIVE SOUP HAS A FILTER NOW! =D Zombies don't get hurt anymore
- (Added) Some more Spawnpoints for zombies!
- (Changed) Human Spawnpoints are now spread over the whole map (Sure there are NO Human Spawns in zombie spawn areas!)
- (Changed) Lights seem to be more balanced now!
- (Changed) Vent Floor now has 1000 Strength except of 2000!
- (Changed) some Wooden planks and breakable Brushes have now lowered Strenght!
- (Added) Some Counter-Strike: Source stuff :)
Beta 2:
- (Removed) Container Spawn and the Vent behind it!
- (Added) A room with radioactive waste
- (Changed) Vent Floor is now Breakable to prevent humans to camp there
if broke they fall in the room with the radioactive waste!
- (Added) Some new sounds
- (Fixed) Some Cubemaps
- (Added) Some lols
Beta 1.5:
- (Fixed) Missplaced Nodraw textures
- (New) textrues in some rooms
- (New) Lights
- (New) Lock/Unlock buttons
- (Removed) costum content like songs and textures
- (Fixed) Wincade on Locked room (removed workbench there)
- (Changed/Added) Sounds
- (Removed) annoying A

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  • zs_viruslabs_f1.bsp
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