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The Time Machine

Originally uploaded by TwistedNether17 on 20th April 2008 17:17 pm

What can travel from 0 to 800,000 Years in only 1.2 seconds? A Time Machine!
This amazing new vehicle can take you anywhere in time! By Default it has 4 main travel years:
720 AD, 1993 AD, 2008 AD, 5008 AD.
I Built this on mobenix as it is perfect for the time machine, The spawn as 5008, secret woodland as 720, Race track as 1993
And 2008 as anywhere else.
If you paste it at original location then you can divide the race track from everywhere else thus making it a new timezone!
Ok time for the normal stuff:
Put Data in Garry's Mod/Garry's Mod folder upload to server
Use a laser pointer on the colored circles around the machine to set destinations
make sure you have set all 4 otherwise it will go to 0,0,0
Press the buttons on the front to select a location
the buttons and receivers are colour coded
Press ENTER On Numpad to activate sounds
Press / On Numpad to start fans and hands spinning
Press 0 On Numpad to teleport
WARNING: Do not unfreeze EVER it will spaz.
Garry's Mod
Adv Dupe
A Brain
Thanks to:
Creators of all mods listed above - Yes even the brain one!!!
Mobenix Gaming for there awesome map
H.G. Wells for writing the time machine
Bobsy for making the multiple locations work
Valve for there awesome games!

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