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Combine Texture Fix v2

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This is version 2 of my combine texture fix.
For some reason the latest gmod update makes it so older graphics cards can't view some of the updated textures right. So basically this reapplys the regular bumpmaps of the combine npcs and ragdolls. This does work on all servers and in single player, because it is a texture replacement. Also, this may not work on all computers, being because all computers are different (except store bought models).
!!! UPDATE: keep an eye out for version 3 making it more compatible with more computers with a smaller size (faster download) file!
!!!!UPDATE AGAIN: Now that i've gotten my new computer, i've gotten a good graphics card, so I have to test v3 on my friends computer. This being the case, v3 will take a bit longer than expected
Compatible With:
Garry's Mod
Obsidian Conflict
- Planning to test with more games/mods
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              • maps
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  • materials/
    • models/
      • Combine_soldier/
        • combinesoldiersheet.vmt
        • combinesoldiersheet.vtf
        • combinesoldiersheet_mask.vtf
        • combinesoldiersheet_prisonguard.vmt
        • combinesoldiersheet_prisonguard.vtf
        • combinesoldiersheet_prisonguard_shotgun.vmt
        • combinesoldiersheet_shotgun.vmt
        • combine_elite.vmt
        • Combine_Elite.vtf
        • Combine_Elite_normal.vtf
  • Readme.rtf