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I went through three hours of creating, compiling, and getting ideas for YOU. I have made YOU 19 pre-posed ragdolls, just for you to use. Yeah, I know I'm awesome. These are worked hardon, and well made. They are in adv_duplicator format, so easy install. I hope you like this, if so, I will be making other pre-posed ragdolls soon enough. 'Til then, See ya!
19 pre-posed ragdolls
A readme
Easy install

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  • l4d smoker (running)1.txt
  • l4d witch (running_startled)1.txt
  • male l4d (attacking)1.txt
  • male l4d (running)2.txt
  • male l4d (running)4.txt
  • male l4d (running)5.txt
  • male l4d (running)6.txt
  • male l4d (running) 3.txt
  • male l4d (walking)1.txt
  • male l4d zombie1.txt
  • male l4d zombie (running)1.txt
  • dead female1 .txt
  • dead male1.txt
  • dead male2.txt
  • female l4d (running)1.txt
  • female l4d (walking)1.txt
  • l4d boomer (standing)1.txt
  • l4d hulk running1.txt
  • l4d hunter (running)1.txt
  • Readme!/
    • Readme.txt
    • Untitled Document.wps