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Originally uploaded by Shadow (201) on 1st April 2014 02:33 am

Maximum Security:
Version 4
Setting: Abandoned max security prison
Size: Small/Medium
This map uses custom materials/props and should not rely on CS-games to provide textures/props.
This map spawns an ID card which gives access to the traitor tester OR access to the locked traitor room, which contains a computer that if destroyed will drastically benefit the traitors!
The second traitor room is always accessible.
Traitor Traps: 3
Traitor Rooms/Areas: 2
Traitor Tester: 1 - Activated by ID card.
Easter Eggs: 1 - Gives 2nd ID card
*ADD* More props
*FIX* Mirror glitch, allowing players in cells to view into traitor room through mirror.
minor bug fixes (spawning on watermelons and getting stuck) :)

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          • maps
            • ttt_MaximumSecurity_v1/
              • ttt_MaximumSecurity_v1.bsp

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  • ttt_MaximumSecurity_v1/
    • ttt_MaximumSecurity_v1.bsp