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Anzio Landing Customized DoD S

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Originally uploaded by AirbornRangrz on 18th October 2009 19:02 pm

EDIT: Maybe im fixing some stuff and errors and releasing a newer version of this...
This is just a custom landing on anzio but its the map dod_anzio from Day of Defeat: Source! So you need to have DoD Source before downloading this. It's customized by me.. might not be that good but try it out...
Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/SAVE/
Numpad number 0 = Fires the Machinegun on the left side from the spawnarea.
Numpad key , = Fires the Machinegun on the top of the Building.
Numpad key 1 = Fires the Machinegun on the very far left side
Get also Dan's Mega NPC addon, World War 2 Weapons SWEPS and Day of Defeat Source as well :P

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  • half-life-004.tga
  • half-life-004.sav