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Originally uploaded by Supe7nova on 16th November 2008 14:52 pm

*Css is needed, although if you havn't got it already...then shame on you. It's a great game. Also it's pretty cheap now and with the millions of steam sales, you havn't really got a reason to not get it.*
Oviscity is a nice place to roleplay in with its custom textures on the signs and the games in the electronic store. It also has a fun train and vehicles to get around the city.
"I didn't make it"
It has many cool features:
* A bank with working vault and lasers
* A pizza restaurant with working oven
* Train stations with working train
* Police station with 4 jails, 4 rooms upstairs, an electric floor and a garage.
* Few other shops including Ikea , Ebay , weapon store , electronics and vehicle store.
* Many appartments to live in.
* Mayor's home
* It has a nuke button that is hidden.(I think it's best that only veterans of this map should know where it is, although it can be removed with the tool gun.) Not just a white flash, the screen goes red and meteors fly down.
And much more.
* You spawn on top of a building ( can be fixed with an rp command )
* You can drive the train but you have to press in the right place, Script fixes that.
* Cars are broken because of the update, Script fixes that.
For added fun you should use OvisScripts v2.0 , if you downloaded the old one just delete it.
This script fixes some of the problems that the map has and also allows you to interact with the npcs e.g talking / buying
(NOTE - I am unsure if Ovis Scripts 3.0 is still compatible but at this moment ovis scripts 2.0 is no longer available.)
Link to updated ovis scripts :

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You should end up with a directory structure similar to below

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • rp_oviscity_gmc4.bsp

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  • rp_oviscity_gmc4.bsp