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Originally uploaded by Jackal Warwick on 3rd February 2014 20:54 pm

This is the latest version of my remade-from-scratch version of TTT_Whitehouse, which I also originally made.
The reason I remade it from scratch is because the previous version was poorly made, poorly optimized and was quite honestly getting outdated.
From what I've gathered, ttt_whitehouse is still a popular and often played map, so I figured it was about time it got an update.
- A new shotgun trap that can be picked up with the magneto stick and be attached to any surface with a yellow Lambda spray on it.
The shotgun trap WILL (Unlike the claymore mines)trigger when a Traitor steps in front of it. So be careful!
- Two traitor rooms with teleporters that connect to eachother amongst other places.
There are also 2 claymore mines that will only detonate if an innocent or detective steps in front of it.
Aswell as the new shotgun trap.
Inside the largest traitor room, there are small teleporters that lead to Traitor chests spread across the map. Those are used to transport items arund the map, such as the shotgun trap.
- A few small fixes to geometry.
- Red Claymore has been removed (You can still do the process of opening the room that contained the claymore, but it serves no purpose at the moment.)
Old description:
- A new outdoor area, albeit not very large.
- An upstairs floor which connects the east wing to the west wing, for better map flow.
- A new underground wing that connects to the surface through a ventilation shaft that can only be opened from the top.
- TTT_Traitor_Buttons that triggers stationary claymore mines to raise out of the ground in select areas. Those traps will only trigger if an innocent or detective steps in front of them.
- TTT_Traitor_Button that causes all doors underground to close and lock for 30 seconds.
- TTT_Traitor_Button that turns off all but the turquoise lights underground.
- And finally, my trademark featured in all maps made by me. Those who know of my maps will be familiar with it.

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  • ttt_whitehouse_rev_v8.bsp