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Originally uploaded by Omni on 31st March 2008 00:29 am

Zombocity Update to take care of some exploits and glitches. Zombocity is, once again, the primary map for the ReDead gamemode. You can find ReDead here:
Zombocity release thread here:
Changes in F2:
� Put a clip on the dumpster by the warehouse. This isn't ZS. Get off the damn roof.
� Lowered the bottom of the cafe window in the hopes that zombies might be able to get through it. However, to compensate for that, altered the bars between the windows so you can put barricades over all three easily.
� Barriers in the car park in the hopes of avoiding zombie retardation.
� Noded the tops of a couple cars I missed. Don't know how that happened. O.o
� Additional window to hospital to hopefully make it a little less of a deathtrap. A little.
� Altered clips on top of cafe and around car park. Changes should be mostly unnoticeable 99.9% of the time.

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  • rd_zombocity_f2.bsp