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Wired Instant Rave Machine

Wired Instant Rave Machine

Originally uploaded by Wooterz? on 14th September 2008 18:38 pm

For starters, Thanks for Looking!
What is this?
So What is this "Instant Rave Machine"? What's it do? Plays music? Ooh wow
I must be awesome! But seriously. This machine allows you to play music
and control the pitch, the light show and even allows you to play 2 tracks
at once! This machine gives the user complete creative control and allows
them to manipulate a track and make it there own.
For This Machine you need:
Wiremod Revision 673
Instruction on Mouting
Having trouble getting this onto Gmod? You might be extracting it to the
wrong place! This is where you want dj_booth.txt to be:
Instructions On Use
Red power button: Red Lights
Green power button : Green lights
Blue power button: Blue lights
Start: Toggles CD tray
First set button: Triggers wheels
Second set button: Toggles Fade effect and solid effect
Pitch controls enable when a CD is put into the slot
Up button: Pitch goes up
Down button: Pitch goes down
Reset: Resets Pitch to 1

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  • adv_duplicator/
    • dj booth.txt
  • Instructions.txt