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*N Darkrp npc trader shop V2.2

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Originally uploaded by Freaky Fruit on 23rd June 2011 13:07 pm

This is a snpc for darkrp. It is easy to setup, but i recomend that if you need help, tell me on facepunch...
You do not need to set max npcs to 1, because it is the server and not the client that creates the npc.
Fix for pocket:
Here is the facepunch:
If you got any requests tell me, and i will try my best!
The SNPC is selling guns and/or entities (NEW). There is a tuturial in the darkrp folder, if you wan it to sell other guns/ entities or make more SNPCs (fx if you wan a gun dealer and a item dealer).
The trader is coded in lua by Bertilml (^4Ghost).
sry i can't use disqus of some reason?? If you wan to critisise, use the link to facepunch...
No... this is not from Perp... lol?
**Version 2.2:
-Npc should now be able to spawn vehicles, and ents.
-The ent/ wep spawns where the player looks... It is easy to steal from the player who buys from the npc...
-Rewrote code and fixed the version 2.1 crash... It wasn't even tested, this one is:)
**Version 2.1:
-Now you can spawn ents.
-Tag is enabled.
**Version 2:
-The npc now write different things in chat on use.
-Different spawns in different maps.
-Pocket bug! (fixed... see top...)
-Basic code�
-The npc in chat...
-Standalone (without the rest of Darkrp)...
**Version 1.1
-The npc now write Welcome to my shop, how can I help you? in chat.
-Changed npc name so it matches till what i wrote in tuturial (... sry guys, I knew i forgot something^^)
**Version 1

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          • addons
            • Darkrp <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • Darkrp/
    • entities/
      • npc_trader/
        • cl_init.lua
        • init.lua
        • shared.lua
    • gamemode/
      • npcspawns.lua
    • SNPC tut.txt