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Originally uploaded by Colonel S.Aausa on 30th September 2010 20:59 pm

this is the (final?)version of my map gm_bunkerflatgrass
if enough people want more, i can make one with the rocket from hl2 ep2. I tought about including it, but since everybody can go into the admin room, it would be some kinda booring. plus that the smoke particles doesnt fade.
Well, the map is noded for most npcs (birds will fly wierd)
the admin room now includes a strider button, so that you can spawn striders aswell as combine soldiers (now with ar2) and antlions
WARNING: I wont recommend having antlions and striders at the same time as the strider will step on them and make the ragdolls fly
the map is mostly for npcwars and building
you can also download it from cloudscript
made by Colonel S.Aausage
I am trallala on disqus

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  • maps/
    • gm_bunkerflatgrassv2.bsp