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Originally uploaded by •═Tyler═� on 21st June 2012 20:19 pm

New and updated!
(I really suggest you look at the additional screenshots because alot of the screenshots here really don't do it justice I don't know why i picked them >_>)
EXTRA SCREENSHOTS, CLICK PLZ:,Ve68W,K8QvE,khl1F,6x3GZ,wgywJ,25sKw,oUtte,CEB1W,dygmm,jAOXw,BNS78,JtNMy,jmTFg,xCkxo,txjmU,0FLIb,BeoQ7,0UKDt,eHrkk,kJuTS,tIWLB
Full 2D map showing what this map contains
RP_Destruction_V3 by ~Tyler~
Add me if you want.
Inspired from the point lookout DLC from Fallout 3,
and just post-apocalyptic stuff in general, like stalker, and all the fallout games. Also took some pointers from the earlier fallout games where some of the vaults had caves attached to them.
I present rp_destruction_v3. It's not as large as gm_atomic but it is still pretty big.
Originally I made this map over a year ago, But since then I have added several things
that make it truely a new version.
It is a pretty big map!
This map is much more expanded than the last version.
A Few defining features:
--2 Military style bases with full guard towers and sleeping barracks,
Also some bunkers and a shooting range
--Destroyed Suburb town with 5-6 Full buildings
--Radiation craters / Underground radiation pond
--Detailed Cave Area Connecting to the vault with a small underground pond
and nice ambient sounds
--Very small post-apocalyptic shanty village
--Beach with a ocean, lighthouse, rocks etc.
--Full-Featured Vault area (Inspired from Fallout but not created exactly to fallout specifications)
with a vault-cafe, Also several rooms for living quarters expanded from v2, generator room/ experiment room
and a garage, + More!
--A few barns
--Random ambient sounds such as Birds, Wind, Helicopter flyby, Thunder + more

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