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extra npc weapons

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Originally uploaded by Heroman117 on 2nd December 2007 00:10 am

this is my extra npcs weapon download it is simple yet is intresting to see what npcs do with them any ways here is a list of all the weapons that are included in this download
hl2 crobar
hl2 pistol
hl2 .357
hl2 smg1
hl2 AR2
hl2 shotgun
hl2 crossbow
hl2 RPG
css tmp
css pumpshotgun
css para
css ak47
css csbase
css deagle
css fiveseven
css glock
css m4
css mac10
css mp5
css p90
css scout
css famas
css aug
css sg550
css sg552
css galil
h1 MA5B
h1 M6D
please note that combine can have some difficulties using non hl2 weapons

This download looks like an addon. You need to extract the downloaded zip and put the addon folder in your Garry's Mod addons folder. You should end up with a directory structure similar to below:

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • extra npc weapons <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • extra npc weapons/
    • readme.txt
    • settings/
      • npc_spawn/
        • weapons.txt