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Duplex Adv Dupe. Train

Originally uploaded by DaJamsta123 on 6th March 2012 18:54 pm

This is my Duplex Adv Dupe train made with Drumdevil's train props. It is a double decker train with 6 cars (4 coaches + 2 engines) and has seats and speedometers in both ends. Contradictory to my other uploads I have decided to start using Drumdevil's train world map as it is much more realistic and the trains are able run much faster and smoother. This does mean, however, that they cannot go up/down hills :(. Another downside is that the map requires HL2:E2 for some of the textures :\. Sorry for the inconveniece, though, if there is a lot of complaints about this I may ask drumdevil if it is possible to either package the map with all textures (not sure if this is possible) or use different textures. I only recently got the valve pack so I try as hard as i can not to use anything other than defualt or freeware content, because I know what it feels like having them darn pink and black squares ;).
In the readme (pretty straight forward).
Drumdevil's Train Pack: (download or use svn).
I take NO credit for the models, only for putting these trains together IN gmod.
Please do not troll me for uploading Dupes, there is a mass of potential out there for Dupes. I admit, this may not be the most complex Dupe out there, but I do believe that for people new to gmod train building, new to gmod, or even just those people who can't be bothered building them themselves, these trains are very usefull and in the right hands can be VERY fun.
Please join Drumdevil's 24/7 Trainbuild server at
Any questions please commment or get hold of me through steam or facebook (Steam- DaJamsta123, Facebook- Jmees MacDona).
If there is anyone out there willing to teach me how to get sound emmiters to change volume etc. with speed please contanct me with the above details :)
Thank you and have fun =)

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