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Pre-posed Ragdolls V2

Originally uploaded by Grog Guy on 21st February 2010 18:07 pm

This is version 2 of my Adv dup pack. It's categorized and has over 50 preset poses for your screenshots.
Pic 1: A few of the poses
pic 2: Some sittin men
completely redone- no more statues for some files
categorizing- no more annoying scrolling for files
removals- removed PMCs and others
As of October 15, I am going to attempt to continue this

This download looks like an addon. You need to extract the downloaded zip and put the addon folder in your Garry's Mod addons folder. You should end up with a directory structure similar to below:

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Pre-posed Ragdolls <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

Don't know where the Garry's Mod folder is or how to extract zip files? See more useful installation tips.

  • Pre-posed Ragdolls/
    • alyx- idle.txt
    • alyx- shooting- pistol.txt
    • antlion- jump.txt
    • antlion- pounce.txt
    • antlion- run1.txt
    • antlion- run2.txt
    • barney- idle- smg.txt
    • barney- idle.txt
    • barney- shooting- smg.txt
    • breen- idle.txt
    • citizen- comfort- couple.txt
    • citizen- curious- female.txt
    • citizen- curious- male.txt
    • citizen- holddoor- male.txt
    • citizen- scared- female.txt
    • citizen- sitting1- male.txt
    • citizen- sitting2- male.txt
    • citizen- sitting3- male.txt
    • citizen- sitting4- male.txt
    • citizen- weld- male.txt
    • combine- idle- smg.txt
    • combine- running- smg.txt
    • combine- shooting- smg.txt
    • combine- walking- smg.txt
    • eli- idle.txt
    • gman- idle.txt
    • headcrab- pounce.txt
    • Ignore
    • kleiner- idle.txt
    • kleiner- talking- left.txt
    • kleiner- talking- straight.txt
    • magnusson- idle.txt
    • metropolice- halt.txt
    • metropolice- kick.txt
    • metropolice- running- stunstick.txt
    • metropolice- standing- stunstick.txt
    • mossman- idle.txt
    • rebel- attention- smg- female.txt
    • rebel- attention- smg- male.txt
    • rebel- bystand- male.txt
    • rebel- comfort- couple.txt
    • rebel- idle- female.txt
    • rebel- idle- male.txt
    • rebel- idle- smg- female.txt
    • rebel- idle- smg- male.txt
    • rebel- running- female.txt
    • rebel- running- male.txt
    • rebel- shooting- pistol- female.txt
    • rebel- shooting- pistol- male.txt
    • rebel- shooting- smg- female.txt
    • rebel- shooting- smg- male.txt
    • rebel- sitting- female.txt
    • rebel- walking- female.txt
    • rebel- walking- male.txt
    • vortigaunt- blast.txt
    • vortigaunt- typing.txt
    • zombie- idle- fast.txt
    • zombie- idle.txt
    • zombie- walk.txt