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AH-1Z Super-Cobra .zip

It is the AH-12 Super-Cobra "Eurocopter", which is used by the NATO and the German Army.
It was officially made by GenericDefault, who also made a few other helicopters. I armed it WITHOUT the pylons and made the whole thing more easier for a few people I think! :D
So because of that I thank him really much 4 what he did!^^
Controls are sooooo easy, but they are in the EaTmE.
Requierments: Gmod10, Wire, Phx and gcx
Credits: GenericDefault, blackbyrd (me)
Have Fun!!!
EDIT: WoW!!! Thank you for 600 downloads!!!
Now keep on fighting!

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      • ah-12 super-cobra -eurocopter- !this!.txt