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Tipe Y-T carrier and Scape-att

Originally uploaded by asierus on 5th July 2009 13:58 pm

Made by Asierus (my 4 upload xd)
this is my boat called Tipe Y-T carrier it comes with my Scape/attac suttle(wired version).
the boat its not wired it uses 8,2,4,6 for move but the suttle is wired
controls: boat:
+:opens the suttle launch site
intro(numpad):close it
It uses the WASD system with a adv.pod controler
no weapons added because my dup bug them sorry xd feel free to modify that boat with guns but if you reupload it give me credits please :9 (dont reupload the same file).
thanks for downloading and have fun! (sorry my bad english xd) oh yes you need:
XQM models (for the propellers), spacebuild models (all) and i think phx but not sure oh yes you need too buoyancy tool, wire mod and adv duplicator sure :=) .(questions,ideas,bugs from all my uploads email me at
/* */
) :) over 100 downloads thx all i gonna make a water base for this boat for that 200 downlodas xd check out too my map

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  • Readme (controls etc).txt
  • Data/
    • Adv_duplicator/
      • (scape_attack water suttle).txt
      • tipe t-y frigate (carrier).txt